The Township of Brick has received funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as part of their CDBG Entitlement Program called CDBG-CV. The funding will be available to all non-profit social service agencies and should be used to prevent, prepare for and respond to the coronavirus. Mayor John G. Ducey is urging all such agencies that serve Brick Township residents to apply for funding.

 “The importance of non-profit service agencies during times of emergency cannot be understated and this current crisis is no different,” said Mayor Ducey. “This funding can assist these agencies as they help residents in need and it is our hope that we see many of these organizations apply for and receive funding.”

 Examples of priority projects include providing equipment, supplies and materials necessary to carry-out a public service and delivering meals or other basic necessities to quarantined individuals or those that need to maintain social distancing due to medical vulnerabilities.

 The deadline to submit a grant application is June 1, 2020.

 To obtain an application for the CDBG-CV Public Services Grant, please visit the Township website, You may also contact Tara B. Paxton at or Lauren Helmstetter at For more information, please contact the Township of Brick Division of Land Use & Planning at 732-262-1030 ext. 5312 or 732-262-1039 ext. 1327.