Township Retains Firm to Develop Flood Mitigation Concepts

Brick Township has retained ACT Engineers, Inc. to develop flood mitigation concepts for consideration by the Township. ACT is currently reviewing and enhancing the high definition aerial topographic mapping in low lying areas of the Township and the collection of flooding information from residents to support flood mitigation strategies the Township may undertake. Information from local residents will be obtained at neighborhood meetings which will be scheduled at the end of May. Should COVID-related gathering restrictions continue to be in effect, those meetings will be scheduled via the Township’s Zoom account. The Township has provided ACT with existing stormwater infrastructure mapping which will be combined with aerial data from the USGS to establish current baseline mapping for the affected flood prone areas. Representatives from ACT Engineers have been on site collecting data and documenting flood conditions, as well as inspecting catch basis.


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Dam Safety has ordered the township to lower Lake Riviera a maximum of 4’ so that a compromised outfall pipe can be replaced. The township has no control over the timing of this project.

The township has contracted with ARH Engineering to manage this project. The project must be done in accordance with strict procedures as laid out by the DEP. As of June 28, we are awaiting approval of the applications for the required permits.

The township expects this project to take approximately one month and expects it to be complete in late July/early August. The township understands the concerns and frustrations of residents and apologizes for any inconveniences caused by this project.