This page provides information to homeowners on the Barrier Island relative to the Army Corps of Engineers and State of New Jersey's efforts to protect the island from future storms.


General Easement Map

Tax Maps with Dune Line

The Township of Brick has produced a map of all oceanfront lots that will be encumbered by the dune line as established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The dune line is shown in red and the property lines are in black. If you have questions regarding the dune easements, please feel free to contact the Township’s Department of Community Development at 732-262-1042.


Deed of Dedication and Perpetual Storm Damage Reduction Easement

All oceanfront property owners and associations may download this document by clicking the above link.  A signed and notarized original of this document must be provided to the Township to permit this essential project to move forward.

Steel Revetment Easement

This document is required for those homeowners whose property will be encumbered by the steel revetment project.  The projects entails the installation of a steel bulkhead that will be placed within the dune line, 40 feet east of the dune line as depicted in the mapping above.  The revetment will provide further protection to property and our community during future storms.

Signers of the easement must be the individuals listed on the deed for each property. In cases of joint ownership, such as a husband and wife, both must sign the easement. In cases of corporate ownership, a supporting document must be provided indicating that the signer is authorized to sign on behalf of the entity. Questions can be directed to


Beach Dune Walkover Structures

This document provides guidance for the construction of walkover structures.

Easement FAQ


Ocean Front Sheet Pile Wall Concept Cross Section

This shows a cross section of the location of the dune and planned steel revetment

Beach Replenishment Cross Section

This document shows the pre-Sandy conditions and post-Sandy conditions of a typical lot on the oceanfront. This shows how much beach and dune areas were lost during the storm which further demonstrates the necessity of the replenishment project.