Community-based Substance Abuse Prevention

The Brick Municipal Anti-Drug Coalition (BMAC) is a municipally supported, grant funded organization whose mission is to provide substance abuse prevention programs and services for the community. It is a grass-roots effort led by a group of volunteers representing organizations and key stakeholders empowered to initiate community level change.With funding provided by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse along with sponsorships and donations, BMAC’s efforts will be focused on reducing prescription medication misuse, particularly opiates, which is fueling the heroin crisis in our area.Chief Bergquist of the Brick Township Police Department summarized it best at the first BMAC meeting when he said “The Police Department is really good at arresting these people. What we’re not so good at is turning off the flow of new users coming in and I think that should be our focus.”BMAC meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm in Town Hall.  All are welcome.  Please check the calendar on this website for meeting dates.

BMAC Survey

Each year as part of BMAC’s ongoing grant-funded programming, data needs to be collected from the community.  The Township has placed a survey on the Township of Brick website, to gather information about knowledge and attitudes regarding substance abuse.  We ask that you participate in this program by visiting the website and answering this brief survey. Your participation is anonymous.  By using the website and the link provided, your responses will be collected and analyzed.  The results will then be utilized to evaluate our efforts, enhance programs or develop new ones by which we can address drug abuse in our community.

Please participate in our survey so you can be part of the effort to develop solutions that are lasting and effective.

Click here to take the survey.