The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing property maintenance ordinances which protect public health and safety of residential and none residential structures.  The Code Enforcement Office is within the Department of Administration, under the Division of Inspections. The Construction Code Official is the main Code Enforcement Official in the Township.

Code Enforcement Officers are in the community on a daily basis ensuring all properties are maintained in accordance with the law.  Code Enforcement Officers can and do issue violation notices and summonses in the event that the requested remediation actions are not pursued by property owners.  When necessary, Code Enforcement Officers attend court hearings with property owners that fail to comply. The Code Enforcement Officers work in collaboration with the Zoning Office, Construction Official and the Property Maintenance Board.

Code Enforcement Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.

To report a potential code violation, please call 732-262-1030 Ext. 1328 or send an email. All notifications will remain anonymous.

Rental Properties

The Township of Brick requires owners to register all rental properties and make application for a Rental Certificate of Occupancy. Inspections are performed by the Code Enforcement Officers prior to tenant occupancy.

We only accept CASH , CHECK, or MONEY ORDERS.

Foreclosed / Vacant Property Registration

On September 27, 2022 Brick Township Council passed Ordinance 21-22  Registration of Foreclosure Mortgages and Vacant Property  which requires creditors of residential and commercial properties to notify Brick Township within 10 days of filing an action to foreclose on a mortgage. The Ordinance further requires that the creditor submit a registration form and fee to the Brick Township Inspections Department to register the property. To register a foreclosed/vacant property, applicants can submit the request online  Click Here