1804First Bridge (Osborn's/ Wagon Bridge) constructed across Manasquan River
1804Burnt Tavern Road established from Smithburg to Point Pleasant.
1808John Lippencott builds an iron forge (Forge Pond)
1828Nicholas Van Wickle opens a pottery on Manasquan River
1833Joseph Brick establishes Bergen Iron Works, September 30th.
1835Kettle Creek (Osbornville) Baptist Church established, August 18th.
1847Joseph Brick dies in NYC, February 1st.
1850Ocean County created by New Jersey Legislature, February 15th.
1850Brick Township created by New Jersey Legislature, February 15th.
1850First Twsp. Committee meeting held at Richard Burr's Inn, March 12th
1850Brick Township population is 1,558, U.S. Census
1855Metedeconk (Osbornville) MP church built, burnt down 1915 rebuilt 1915.
1857Orient (Laurelton) Baptist Church built, June.
1858Herbertsville School, Herbertsville Road opened
1861Delaware & Raritan Railroad arrives in the Bricksburg section of Brick Twsp..
1862Civil War recruitment bounty of $200 established by Twsp. Committee, December 15th.
1869President Ulysses S. Grant visited Bricksburg August 2nd.
1875Herbertsville ME Church dedicated, January 1st.
1880Central Railroad comes to Point Pleasant Beach
1886Point Pleasant Beach Borough becomes independent of Brick, May 18th.
1886Bay Head Becomes independent of Brick, June 15th.
1890NY- NJ Telephone Co. granted right of way to erect tel. poles and wires in Bricksburg.                    
1892Lakewood Twsp. becomes independent of Brick, March 23rd.
1900Brick Township population is 2,130, U.S. Census.
1900Brick Twsp. leads Ocean County in the production of cranberries.
1901Laurelton Chicken Farms established on Road to Lakewood.
1902Camp Metedeconk established on north shore of Metedeconk River.
1903Lakewood-Pt. Pleasant Road is first hard packed gravel road constructed in County.
1907New Jersey Episcopal Choir Camp (NEJECHO) established.
1909Princeton Summer Camp established on north shore of Metedeconk River.
1911Mantoloking Borough becomes independent of Brick, April 10th.
1916The Cedars a camp for crippled children established by St. Edmonds from Pa.
1920Point Pleasant Borough becomes independent from Brick, April 21.
1923Fifty-one member of Ku Klux Klan visit the Osbornville Church, July 22nd.
1923Thirty-three members of Ku Klux Klan visit the Orient Baptist Church, Aug.10th.
1923Lakewood-Pt. Pleasant Rd. (Rt. 88) is the first paved road constructed in County.
1924Boy Scout Camp Burton established on south shore of Metedeconk River.
1924Eastern N. J. Power Co. granted rights to run power lines through Brick, Nov. 3rd.
1926Point Pleasant- Bay Head Canal is opened.
1927Members of Ku Klux Klan visit Herbertsville ME Church, August 24th.
1927Pioneer Hose Company No1 is established, August 4th.
1928Hudson County Dispatch promotes Cedarwood Park & Lakewood Gardens.
1929Camp NEJECHO is sold to Nejecho Beach Club.
1930Camp Burton is sold to Van Ness Corp. for additional development of Breton Woods.
1930Laurelton Fire Co. No 1 is established, May 14th.
1930Ladies Auxiliary of Laurelton Fire Co is established.
1931Manasquan inlet is opened introduces salt water to upper Bay  & River.
1932Beaton and Sons boat works established
1933Wooden Beaver Dam bridge is replaced by metal swing type bridge.
1934Ladies Auxiliary of Pioneer Hose Co. No. 1 is established
1934Laurelton School Rt. 88 is opened.
1935Breton Woods Fire Co. is established.
1936Twsp. Gov't.  passes ordinance creating three fire districts August 10th.
1936Herbertsville Fire Co. is established. August 19th.
1936Ladies Auxiliary to Breton Woods Fire Co. is established.
1936Metedeconk River Yacht Club is established.
1937Ladies Aux. to Herbertsville Fire Co. is established.
1938Osbornville School Drum Pt. Rd. is opened.
1939Princeton Summer Camp moved to upstate New York.
1940Shore Acres Yacht Club is established.
1942Brick Township First Aid Squad is established.
1943Community First Aid Squad is established, September.
1944Ladies Aux. to Community First Aid is established, April.
1948Moore Road is built later to be named Brick Blvd.
1949Herbertsville School Lanes Mill Road is opened, September.
1950Brick Township population is 4,319, U.S. Census
1954Garden State Parkway opens in Brick Township.
1954Committee-Mayor type Government begins for Brick Twsp. January 1st
1954Three bedroom houses in Birchwood Park were selling for $7,190.00.
1955Brick Twsp. Town Hall opens on Moore & Cedarbridge Rds. January 1st.
1956Brick Township Chamber of Commerce is incorporated
1957RC Church of the Visitation founded.
1958Brick Township High School opens, September.
1959Midstream's School opens.
1960Local village post offices are consolidated into one P.O. at 44 Princeton Ave.
1960Friends of Brick Library is established, August 29th.
1961Msgr. John F. Baldwin K of C est. 1904, moves from Lakewood to Brick Township.
1961Herbertsville First Aid is established.
1961Drum Point School is opened.
1962Temple Beth Or is founded.
1964Lanes Mill School is opened.
1964Brick Twsp. Housing Authority is established.
1965Temple Beth Or is opened on Van Zile Road.
1965First Brick Township Library is dedicated April 3rd.
1965First Brick Township Library opened on Cedarbridge Rd.  April 5th.
1966Bruce Springsteen records two songs w/ Castles at Mr. Music. Brick Blvd. May 16th.
1966Emma Havens Young School is opened.
1966Lake Riviera Middle School is opened.
1966Voters approved referendum creating Mayor-Council type Government. November.
1967Brick Township Flag design competition is held.
1967Mayor-Council type government begins, January 1st.
1971Veterans Memorial Middle School opens.
1971Veterans Memorial Elementary School opens.
1971Ordinance creating a Township Police department is passed, November.
1972Brick Township Police Department is established, July, 17th.
1973Brick Township purchases French's landfill on Sally-Ike Road.
1973Forge Pond Apartments Chambers Bridge Rd. open.
1973Brick Township Senior Citizen Program is established.
1974Brick Township purchases Windward Beach, April 17th.
1976Brick Township Historical Society is incorporated, March 23rd.
1976Town Hall Chambers Bridge Rd. is dedicated, May 31st.
19782nd Temple Beth Or opens.
1978"Brick" is designated postal address, November 17th.
1980Brick Township Memorial High School opens, January.
1981David M. Fried Apartments open.
1981Brick Founder's Day celebrated. May 2nd.
1982Ground breaking for Brick Hospital, July 4th.
1983George J. Conway Apartments open
1985St. Edmonds Camp Cedar sold to developer Ramondi Enterprises.
1987Laurelton Interchange officially opened replacing Laurelton Circle, December 1st.
1988Voters approve referendum creating partisan politics.
1988Save Barnegat Bay spearheads drive to acquire Reedy Creek
1992Brick Children's Community Theater is established.
19951st Summerfest held at Windward Beach, June.
1996Primary Learning Center opens on Chambers Bridge Rd., September
1998Havens Homestead Museum Opens, June.
1998Drum Point Sports Complex opens.
1998Brick Township Historic Preservation Commission Ordinance adopted, October 27th.
1998Brick Township  purchases 273 acre Airport Tract in Osbornville section
1998Twsp. purchases 27 acre Havens Farm in Herbertsville section.
1998Prep. for Saw Mill tract purchase.
1999New Brick Township flag and seal adopted.
1999Chambers Bridge Residence affordable house for seniors opens, December 10th
1999Bayside Park on Peninsula opened.
2000Brick Township celebrates Sesquicentennial, February 15th.
2000Time capsule not to be opened until February 15, 2050.
2000Draw Bridge over Beaver Dam Creek replaces Swing type bridge, May 23rd.
2000Voters approve Open Space Funding, November.
2000Millennium Fountain at Town Hall, Chambers Bridge Rd. dedicated.
2000Brick Township population 76,119, U. S. Census
2001Dottie's House opened (shelter for victims of domestic violence) May 21st.
2001Lizzie Herbert House c.1800 moved to Havens Homestead Museum, May 30th.
200110,000 people set record doing the YMCA at Summerfest, August 30th.
2002Brick dedicates Weeping Angel Monument at Windward Beach, April
2002Brick MUA dedicates Reservoir at Herbertsville and Sally Ike Rds. Sept 23rd.
2002Brick Township Update goes on the internet.
200386.60 acres preserved for open space this year.
2003Township purchases two Hulse properties on Herbertsville Rd.
2004Educational Enrichment Center opens.
2005Town Council creates Vice Presidents position, January.
2005BTMUA Reservoir is open to the public, May.
2005Township Police add Motor Cycle Division
2005Brick Blvd. update completed, August 5th.
2005Brick Twsp. takes over ownership of Traders Cove Marina, December 11th.
2006Township grants health benefits to domestic partners, February 14th.
2006Township establishes Emergency Medical Service, May.
2010Board of Education establishes Education Foundation, January.
2010Brick Township population 75,119
2011Township adopts Burgee (boating flag)
2011Capping of French's Landfill on Sally Ike Road.