Single Stream Recycling

Brick Township follows the single stream recycling guidelines established by the Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management.  Single stream recycling is collected on an every-other-week basis using the blue recycling can provided to your home.

For a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable items for single-stream recycling, please click here.

  • Accepted Items

    • Plastic Bottles (where the neck is smaller than the base of the container)
    • Cans – aluminum cans, steel, tin and empty aerosol cans
    • Glass bottles and jars (all shapes, sizes and colors) please empty and rinse all bottles and containers
    • Corrugated cardboard boxes
    • CLEAN cardboard pizza boxes
    • Mixed Paper – magazines, catalogs, paperback books, hardcover books with cover removed, junk mail, office paper, computer paper, school papers, newspapers, brown paper bags, construction paper, wrapping paper, greeting cards
  • Unacceptable Items

    • Shredded Paper
    • Plastic Bags
    • Bagged or Bundled Material
    • Dairy Tubs
    • Rigid Plastics (buckets, garbage cans, lawn furniture, plastic toys, laundry baskets, planters, etc)
    • Garden Hoses
    • Motor Oil Bottles
    • Styrofoam
    • Plastic food storage containers
    • Gray or chip board (tissue, cereal, pasta, beverage boxes)
    • File folders
    • Waxed paper or waxed cardboard containers
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Dinnerware or glassware
    • Pots and pans
    • Scrap metal
    • Telephone books