Township of Brick Zoning Board of Adjustment

January 17, 2024 Meeting

Please take notice that the Township of Brick Zoning Board of Adjustment will conduct an in-person meeting on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.  at the Township of Brick Municipal Building, 401 Chambers Bridge Rd. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

MEETING AGENDA  01-17-2024

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Salute to the flag
  3. Sunshine Law
  4. Roll call
  5. Vouchers
  6. Old Business- Memorializing Resolutions:


Jersey Modular Homes LLC

c/o Dennis McKenna

510 4th Ave.

Block 1221, Lot 855

Bulk Variance



Thomas & Julia Lieb

 782 Hollyberry Lane

  Block 1422.10, Lot 7

Bulk Variance



Collette & Bartholomew P. Petillo, Jr.

42 East Coral Drive

Block 210.13, Lot 2

Corrective Revisions to Resolution of Approval #R-83-2023


New Business – Applications listed for hearings:


BA-3442 9/2023

Sean Gorman

112 Daybreak Ct.’

Block 1026.08, Lot 10

Bulk Variance


BA-3443 9/2023

Jonathan Boff & Jessica Reilly

502 5th Ave.

Block 1220, Lot 969

Bulk Variance


BA-3397-PSP-FSP-C-U 2/2023

(Prior hearings were held on 7-19-2023 and 9-13-2023.  On 11-8-2023, the matter was announced as carried to 1-17-2024 with no further notice)

JAC Operating LLC

NJ Route 88 & Kenneth Place

Block 869.01, Lot 4, 8-13

Preliminary & Final Major Site Plan with Use & Bulk Variances


7. Correspondence

8. Adjournment


Agenda may be revised as necessary

Formal action may be taken at this meeting


Lauren J. Frank/Clerk

Board of Adjustment/Planning Board