Mayor John Ducey, the Township Council and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Local Planning Services office are preparing a bicycle and pedestrian master plan for the Township. The plan will identify and help to prioritize strategies that will increase the number and frequency of people walking and bicycling within the Township as well as increase safety and connectivity for all road users. The plan will provide draft recommendations for improving the connectivity, safety, convenience, and attractiveness of the Township’s pedestrian and bicycle networks.

The municipality is holding a public open house to receive input from residents on the plan on Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 at Civic Plaza at 270 Chambers Bridge Road. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback as the plan is being developed.

“The input that the public provided at our previous open house in November and through the online survey was essential to the plan,” said Council President Heather deJong, a member of the working committee. “This open house will give residents the chance to see how the plan is developing and to help shape it further.”

Public input is critical to help develop a plan that addresses the needs of people on foot and on bike in neighborhoods across the Township.