Throughout the summer, the Township of Brick will be supporting the “Pick up Brick” anti-litter campaign. The campaign will include three components:
Education- Sharing best practices to eliminate litter
Enforcement- Highlighting consequences for littering or not adhering to township code
Action- Environmental Commission led clean-ups, establishment of an email address where residents can report areas in need of attention and volunteer for community clean-ups.

“We all know how beautiful Brick Township is and how fortunate we are to live here,” said Mayor John Ducey. “With that good fortune also comes the responsibility to be good stewards for the land and waterways that provide such wonderful quality of life. The ‘Pick up Brick’ campaign will help encourage us all to take steps to ensure trash and debris end up in the appropriate place and not along our roadsides or in our waterways.”

Residents are encouraged to email to report areas that are in need of attention as a result of trash and debris. Individuals and groups can also email to volunteer for community clean-ups led by the Township Environmental Commission and Clean Communities Coordinator.

According to information from the National Homebuilder’s Association litter in a community can reduce home values by as much as 7%. Additionally, litter can have a detrimental impact on economic development, on tourism and can strain municipal resources such as Public Works, Code Enforcement and Parks Department staff.

For more information on the “Pick up Brick” program call 732-262-1050 or email