The Board of Adjustment’s primary function is to review and decide on applications for a variance.  A variance is essentially permission to do something contrary to zoning regulations.  Variance requests may be for fences, sheds, porches, decks, pools as well as for major and minor sub-divisions.  The Board is authorized to hear and decide appeals of any order, requirement, decision or refusal involving the enforcement of Brick Township zoning ordinances.  The Board also hears and decides requests for interpretation of the zoning map or zoning ordinances for residents and developers.

Board of Adjustment Members

  • Harvey Langer- Chairman
  • Frank Mizer- Vice Chairman
  • David Chadwick
  • Mike Jamnik
  • Dawn Marie White
  • Louis Sorrentino
  • Carl Anderson
  • Michelle Strassheim – Alt. 1
  • Darren Caffrey- Alt. 2

Meeting Minutes