In accordance and compliance with the Local Public Contracting Law (NJSA 40 A. 11-1 et seq.), the Division of Purchasing and Contracting sought bids for the following:

Contract NameContract NumberOpening DatePreliminary ResultsAward DateAward Resolution
Computer and Printer SuppliesBC #200208/7/2020Preliminary Results
General Athletic Equipment & SuppliesBC #200237/7/2020Preliminary Results7/14/2020Award Resolution
Janitorial ServicesBC #200247/2/2020Preliminary Results7/14/2020Award Resolution
Purchase & Delivery of Flood Control ValvesBC #200196/30/2020Preliminary Results7/14/2020Award Resolution
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair ServicesBC #200186/18/2020Preliminary Results
Bid Proposal 1
Bid Proposal 2
Bid Proposal 3
Bid Proposal 4
Bid Proposal 5
Bid Proposal 6
6/23/2020Award Resolution
Isolated Drainage & Roadway ImprovementsN/A6/12/2020Preliminary Results
Apparent Low Bidder 1
Apparent Low Bidder 2
Apparent Low Bidder 3
6/23/2020Reject and Rebid Resolution
Summerfest Food Truck Vendors (Remaining Categories)BC #20007R6/2/2020Preliminary Results6/9/2020Award Resolution
Fireworks ExhibitionsBC #20009R6/2/2020Preliminary Results6/9/2020Award Resolution
Addition to Access Control SystemBC #200125/29/2020Preliminary Results6/9/2020Award Resolution
Printing ServicesBC #200175/29/2020Preliminary Results6/9/2020Award Resolution
Sanitation and Recycling ContainersBC #200045/6/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Backup and Disaster Recovery SystemBC #20013 5/6/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Cedarwood Park East Roadway ImprovementsN/A5/1/2020Preliminary Results
Apparent Low Bidder 1
Apparent Low Bidder 2
Apparent Low Bidder 3
5/12/2020Award Resolution
Summerfest Food Truck VendorsBC #200075/1/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Beer & Wine Garden ConcessionBC #20008 5/1/2020No BidsN/AN/A
Fireworks ExhibitionsBC #20009 5/1/2020No BidsN/AN/A
Mobile Ice Cream TruckBC #20010 5/1/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Fall Fest Food Vendor ConcessionBC #20011 5/1/2020No BidsN/AN/A
Operation of Brick Beach 1 Concession StandBC #20015 5/1/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Operation of Brick Beach 3 Concession StandBC #200165/1/2020Preliminary Results5/12/2020Award Resolution
Beverly Beach Area Roadway ImprovementsN/A3/31/2020Preliminary Results
Apparent Low Bidder 1
Apparent Low Bidder 2
Apparent Low Bidder 3
4/14/2020Award Resolution
Purchase and Delivery of Doors and Ballistic DoorsBC #200023/17/2020Preliminary Results3/24/2020Award Resolution

For more information, call the Division of Purchasing and Contracting at 732-262-1058.